Business and government research: $75/hr

Business writing seminars: $100/hr, or $2775/project

Consultation on communication: $100/hr, or $300/day

Slides (power point presentation): $120/hr, or $75/slide

Brochures, fliers, booklets: $300/page*, or $85/hr, or $2775/project

Business and sales letters: $150/page, or $85/hr

Corporate profile, including histories: $150/page, or $100/hr

Ghostwriting for business (trade magazine articles, e.g.): $150/page, or $100/hr


*All per page charges = 8.5″ x 11″ size, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 11 point font, 1″ margins

Scientific and Technical

Technical writing (e.g. brochures, newsletters, etc.): $300/page, or $85/hr, or $2775/project

Technical editing: $60/hr

Science writing (peer review manuscripts): $125/hr,  or $2775/manuscript

Science proofreading, editing & critique (peer review manuscripts): $75/hr, or $1300/manuscript

White papers: $125/hr, or $300/page

Web page writing: $85/hr

Web page content editing (does not include design): $60/hr

Technical book writing: $125/hr

Technical book editing: $75/hr

Consultation on communication: $100/hr, or $300/day

Slides (power point presentation): $120/hr, or $75/slide

Theses or dissertation proofreading, editing & critique: $75/hr, or $1700/theses or dissertation


Short story manuscript critique and editing: $45/hr or $50/story

Magazine article critique and editing: $45/hr

Newsletters, writing: $70/hr

Newsletters, editing: $60/hr

Copyediting: $60/hr

Proofreading: $30/hr

Editing: $50/hr

Resumes: $50/resume

Ghostwriting (with complete reporting): $40/hr

Fact checking: $40/hr

Research: $50/hr

Reporting & Writing: $30/hr or $100/500 words